The innovative program of fertilizer from Lawn & Green

The Idea

Did you know that Malt sprouts a master key for the soil and the plants are? Malzkeime Malt sprouts provide a harmonious combination of interacting agents from the "factory of nature" is, - consisting of phytohormones, enzymes, vitamins, nutrients and the full range of micronutrients.

Based on these Malt sproutswe have a fertilizer developed as an integrated nutrient package for the cultural flora that is able to meet all horticultural challenges in its different variants.


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The Offer

The fertilizer Lawn &; Green is available in three product lines, of which the first two granulated and on the basis of Malt Sprouts are constructed and the latter liquid with a strong emphasis on recordable well by the plants well exclusively vegetable amino acids:

  • The Bionta® series consists of a general-purpose fertilizer lawn fertilizers and three variants. The lawn fertilizer-variants exist again as Turf versions for the golf course, and they differ substantially in terms of particle size: 1 to 3 mm instead of only 1 mm.
    Siehe Garden Fertilizer oder Lawn Fertilizer.

  • The Symbionta® series consists of a general-purpose fertilizer with arbuscular endo-mycorrhizal (see> Products> Garden fertilizer), furthermore a special tree fertilizer with ecto-mycorrhizal (see> Products> tree fertilizer) as well as a lawn fertilizer with arbuscular endo-mycorrhizal.
    Siehe Garden Fertilizer oder Lawn Fertilizer.

  • The latter there is also a Turf variant.
    see Turf.

  • The Hydrobiont® series consists of three basic liquid fertilizer variants, which are each constructed as a focus on one of the main nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as three other special variants.
    see Liquid Fertilizer.

All Lawn & Green manure are permitted up to the lawn fertilizer for organic farming. see Eco-approval.